Monday, 28 October 2013


In it 3,566,480
letters, 810,677
words, 31,175
verses, 1189 chapters
and 66 books. The
longest chapter is the
119th Psalm. The short-
est and middle chapter is
The 117th Psalm. The middle
verse is the 8th verse of the
118th Psalm. The longest name
is in the 8th chapter of Isaiah,
verse 1, and contains 18 letters. The
word and occurs 46,627 times; the word
Lord 1,855 times. The 37th chapter of
Isaiah and the 19th chapter of II Kings
are alike. The longest verse is Esther 8:9;
the shortest verse is John 11:35. In Ezra
7:21 are all the letters of the alphabet except
The letter j. The finest piece of reading is Acts
26th chapter.  The name of God is not found in Esther.
The Bible contains knowledge, wisdom, the mind of God,
the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of the
sinner and the happiness of believers. Its doctrines are
holy; its precepts are binding; is histories are true, and
its decisions are immutable. It contains light to guide you,
food to support you and comfort o cheer you. God was 2,500
years getting ready to write the Bible; 1600 years writing it;
and has been 1900 years fulfilling it. The word boy occurs in the
Bible three times and the word girl two times. Christ is the
Key to the entire Book. Forty men were employed in its making,
was written by doctors, farmers, fishers, kings, shepherds, old,
young, rich, poor, learned and unlearned. It is the traveler’s map,
the pilgrim’s staff, the pilot’s compass and the soldier’s sword.
Do not neglect your Bible. It is a mine of wealth and
health to the soul and a river of pleasure. It is given
to you in this life and will be opened to you at the
judgment and it is established forever. If you want
a crown of rejoicing when Jesus returns to earth again,
read your Bible and lead lost souls to Christ and
you will have a rich reward  when He comes. II Tim-
othy 2:15 is the key that will
unlock the sacred Book to you.
it con-
tains and
you will always
be happy and pros-
perous. Revelation 1:3.

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